IOL Calculator for Eyes with Prior Hyperopic LASIK/PRK
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Doctor Name Patient Name Patient ID
Eye IOL Model Target Ref(D)
Pre-LASIK/PRK  Data:
Refraction* Sph(D) Cyl(D) Vertex (If empty, 12.5 mm will be used)
Keratometry K1(D) K2(D)
Post-LASIK/PRK Data:
Refraction* Sph(D) Cyl(D) Vertex(If empty, 12.5 mm will be used)
Topography EyeSys EffRP
Atlas 0mm 1mm 2mm 3mm
OCT (RTVue or Avanti XR) Net Corneal Power Posterior Corneal Power Central Corneal Thickness
Optical/Ultrasound Biometric Data:
Ks** K1(D) K2(D) Device Keratometric
Index (n)
AL(mm) ACD(mm) Lens Thick (mm) WTW (mm)
Lens Constants*** A-const(SRK/T) SF(Holladay1)
Haigis a0 (If empty, converted value is used) Haigis a1 (If empty, 0.4 is used) Haigis a2 (If empty, 0.1 is used)
*If entering "Sph(D)", you must enter a value for "Cyl(D)", even if it is zero.
**Not manual/SimKs from other devices.
***Enter the constant available; the other will be calculated
. If ultrasonic AL is entered, be sure to use your ultrasound lens constants. It is preferable to use optimized a0, a1, and a2 Haigis constants.