IOL Calculator for Eyes with Prior Myopic LASIK/PRK
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Doctor Name Patient Name Patient ID
Eye IOL Model Target Ref (D)
Pre-LASIK/PRK  Data:
Refraction* Sph(D) Cyl(D)* Vertex (If empty, 12.5 mm is used)
Keratometry K1(D) K2(D)
Post-LASIK/PRK Data:    
Refraction*§ Sph(D) Cyl(D)* Vertex(If empty, 12.5 mm will be used)
Topography EyeSys EffRP Tomey ACCP
Atlas Zone value Atlas 9000 
4mm zone
Pentacam TNP_Apex_4.0 mm Zone
Atlas Ring Values 0mm 1mm 2mm 3mm
OCT (RTVue or  Avanti XR) Net Corneal Power Posterior Corneal Power Central Corneal Thickness
Optical/Ultrasound Biometric Data:
Ks K1(D) K2(D) Device Keratometric
Index (n)
AL(mm) ACD(mm) Lens Thick (mm) WTW (mm)
Lens Constants**  A-const(SRK/T) SF(Holladay1)
Haigis a0 (If empty, converted value is used) Haigis a1 (If empty, 0.4 is used) Haigis a2 (If empty, 0.1 is used)
*If entering "Sph(D)", you must enter a value for "Cyl(D)", even if it is zero. 
§Most recent stable refraction prior to development of a cataract.
# Magellan ACP or OPD-Scan III APP 3-mm manual value (personal communication Stephen D. Klyce, PhD).
**Enter any constants available;
others will be calculated from those entered. If ultrasonic AL is entered, be sure to use your ultrasound lens constants. It is preferable to use optimized a0, a1, and a2 Haigis constants.